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Youth health camps

Cheetahs Global Health Solutions organize health camps for youth to influence their time away from electronics and teaching young people the skills to manage their downtime in more healthy ways. Ask anyone with a child today and they will tell you that school and electronics like cell phones, computers, and tablets are usually a constant distraction among the youth.

As electronics in particular become more a part of our daily routine, face to face time socializing or engaging in rigorous physical activity is a behavior we see less and less of in the current generation.

It’s critical today that parents show their children how to live in a healthy way.

Spending too little time exercising, too much time overeating, or not enough time socializing due to video games or cell phones can create habits that extend well into adulthood. These habits will certainly affect your child’s long-term health.

We are here to offer everlasting healthy solutions to the young ones.